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Our Mission

Advanced Publishing Services (APS) is a sales and consulting firm
dedicated to business development in the printing and publishing
industries.  Focusing on strategic initiatives, APS will work with your
staff to grow revenue from existing markets and identify business
opportunities in emerging markets and complimentary services.
Core Philosophy

APS consultants have over 38 years of operations, financial and
sales management experience in both large and small corporate
environments.  Our core philosophy is that people are your most
valuable asset.  Your opportunity for improvement clearly is in the
hands of the people who are on the front line selling and producing
everyday.  Although this seems obvious, many companies do not
provide ample training, direction, authority and support to succeed.  
Management communication systems and processes for
individual and company performance in the marketplace are critical
elements in building a path of growth and success.
What We Do

Publishing – The development of strong ancillary revenue streams
often is the difference between profit and loss for many magazine
publishers.  APS will show publishers how to build a successful
reprint and on-line licensing business for their magazines.  APS
will evaluate “in-house” or “outsourced” sales programs and
recommend and implement solutions that will bolster sales and
reduce operating expenses.

Printers – In today’s highly competitive environment it is critical for
printing companies to differentiate themselves from their
competition.  Since the advent of on-line auctions and the
abundance of capacity, printing is fast becoming a commodity
service.  Today, printers must provide solutions that are unique in
order to retain existing business while developing new strategic
channels for overall business growth and security.
Advanced Publishing Services, LLC.
Ancillary revenue streams for Publishers
Business Development for the Printing Industry
Operational efficiency and work flow analysis
Design and Marketing Consultation